Custom Lakefront Home

This custom lakefront custom home is actually used as the family cottage. Situated on the shores of Lake Simcoe, the property boats a gorgeous southerly view of the water and the owners wanted to take advantage of that with their design..

It was a winter day . . .

Wanting to be enjoying the place for the summer, we got under way on this project in February. First order of business was to demolish the old cottage that sat here. The new structure would be situated closer to the road, giving a much larger water side yard.

Excavation done, the foundation was put in. This building would only have a crawl space foundation, as the customers didn't want a full basement, as the two main floors would give them 3600 square feet of living space - plenty for their needs.

With the block work done for the foundation, the entire perimeter is sprayed with a tar damp proofing and a drainage membrane is applied. Afterward, a considerable amount of 3/4" crushed stone is laid overt the drainage pipe (buried in the is photo) to allow for positive drainage around the foundation - and a dry crawlspace.

Looking back from the water side, we can see the first floor has been framed up. Note the large door openings.

Framing is nearing completion, with trusses installed..

Looking out of the kitchen & great room doorways highlights the massive headers over the openings. These framing elements, along with the floor joists, are manufactured members, engineered to be many times stronger than traditional 'dimensional' lumber.

With the roof trusses in place, we begin to see the angled roof sections taking form.

Framing complete.

Another look at the floor system, from below. The benefits of using these engineered products is that floor spans can be much longer than regular lumber would allow, thus allowing for larger, open rooms. As well, they are much more stable and far less likely to warp or twist over time, dramatically reducing drywall blemishes and squeaky floors. That said, like anything, the trick is in the installation, taking care to lay everything out to the engineer's specifications. A generous amount of sub floor adhesive, nails and screws goes along way, too ;-)

Here we can see the angled roof sections more pronounced. Given the style of the gabled roof, most of the rooms on the second floor have angled ceilings in at least one corner. An interesting design element that gave the cottage a somewhat old world feel.

More of the second story framing. Note how clean the site is. And no, that's not staged for this photo - this is the way it looks at the end of most every day during construction. Keeping everything clean translates into a much neater and safer work environment. I couldn't have it any other way.

Front (road) side of the cottage.

This shot was taken from the permanent dock.

Windows in and roofing complete.

Here's a look at one of the bedrooms, with the angled ceilings. Nice effect.

A look at the lake side of the finished product.

With 10' high main floor walls and a wide open kitchen / dining / great room area, there's lots of space for the family to move around - and enjoy the view!

The master ensuite enjoyed both a full size bathtub as well as a very comfortable stand up shower.

The staircase was a mix of painted risers and pickets (to match the trim colour) along with stained oak treads and hand rail. A carpet runner keeps the feet comfy.

The crawlspace was built high enough to allow for the furnace, HRV, water heater, etc. to be installed there. The exterior walls were insulated with SM type styrofoam insulation - thicker than required by code, but worth the extra effort. Again, clean and neat finish.

The customers decided to go with a pre-finished wood siding to complete the exterior. The board and baton application was in keeping with the style.

A beautiful view of the lake from the cottage. This is what it's all about :-)

Front side view of the finished cottage.

And ready just in time for summer enjoyment :-)

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!