Sunroom Construction

Here's a video clip from this Sunroom Construction project;

To take advantage of the fact that the back of this house faces south, the homeowners decided it would be nice to have a four seasons sunroom built. With inside access from the livingroom and outside access from the deck, this would be an ideal location..

Step #1: Remove a portion of the deck to get the foundation in the ground.

The foundation would be made up of a number of 'sonotubes'. These are vertically placed, concrete filled tubes that are 12" in diameter and sitting on 24" x 24" x 6" concrete footings, four feet below grade. As the area was too tight for power equipment to get in, all the digging was done by hand.

Walls & roof all framed up. Note the large sliding door (plus one on the other side) and windows. All this glass area lets tons of light in.

A view of the inside framing. This area of the cathedral ceiling will have a large, 4' x 4' skylight. More light!

With this close up look at the framing, one can see the 2" x 10" roof rafters, supported by a TRIPLE 2" x 12" ridge beam. Think it's gonna be strong enough?

When the insulation was put in, the ceiling area got a layer of 1" foam insulation. This brought up the 'R' value to building code requirements and eliminated the potential of 'Thermal Bridging'. This is a phenomenon where the winter cold transfers right through exterior framing members - in this case, the 2" x 10" rafters.

Here's a tight shot of the finished interior. I wasn't able to get a good picture showing more of the interior, so you will have to look a the video to get a full view of the inside.

Looking at the completed outside, we can see the large skylight.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!