Major Renovation + Addition

This old cottage had been in this couple's family since the 1940's, when it was built by her father. As there was some sentimental attachment, it was decided to save at least a portion of the original structure, being the floor and a couple of walls. Apart from that, there wasn't too much that could be effectively used for the new accommodations.

The old structure would be gutted down to the floor.

After removing the siding, windows & doors, one can see the old wood clapboard which was mostly original to the building.

Removing the rest of the roof & wall portions.

With the majority of the demolition work completed, the foundation pad was extended to the side & rear of the building to accommodate the additional space. Part of the foundation work included setting reinforcing bars into the existing pad to help it bind with the extension. Plus, rebar was placed throughout the new pad, with extra elements extending upward, through the surface where the blocks would be laid. Again, this ties everything together, so that it is as much of a unified structure as possible.

With the concrete pad & block walls finished, we are ready to start the new framing.

The exterior walls complete, the roof trusses can be set in place. Note the use of real spruce plywood - no cheap aspenite on this site!

This view shows the 'old' living room being transformed into the 'new' living room. Note the new framing members 'sistered' onto the old wall. This both reinforced the old wall, and allowed for a deeper wall cavity to accept thicker, R-20 insulation.

This is what will be the new family room, located in the rear addition. A gas fireplace will be located between the narrower windows to the right.

A view of the exterior of the rear addition. This portion was elevated to give the house some dimension.

The roof and shingles have been completed and now the structure is out of the weather. Interior work such as electrical, plumbing and heating can now commence.

The finished exterior front view, showing the installed siding, garage door, light fixtures and porch.

The rear view.The customers had me back the following spring to construct a large deck across the back.

This completed interior view shows the gas fireplace in the family room.

Here we see the living room/dining room looking towards the kitchen, which was 'stepped up' to break up the floor plan into more distinct areas. Hard to believe that there's a 60 year old cottage under portions of this, eh?

The completed kitchen area. Note the railing to the left in this picture. That area overlooks the living room/dining room, located towards the front of the house.

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