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Shortly after this photo was taken, the customer bought a larger flat screen TV. The unfortunate part was that it wouldn't fit on this fireplace mantel. After discussing a number of options, we came up with a plan that would accommodate the TV and give the fireplace a whole new look.

The first step in the plan was to remove concrete mantels and field stone facade.The old wood burning hearth had been upgraded years before with a steel insert and new flue liner, so the stonework was no longer critical to it's performance.

With that out of the way, a framework was installed to facilitate the drywall facing.

With the new mantel shelf in place, the wall unit style shelving went up. This is 100% custom to fit into the area we had to work with. The new 'wall' was actually built out by a couple of inches so the wires could be hidden behind the TV, once it was hung on up. Even the wires running from the stereo to the wall mounted speakers were hidden.

A small gap was left at the bottom to run the wires to & from the DVD player, stereo, etc..This gap would ultimately be mostly hidden by these same electronic components on the mantel shelf. Reinforcing framing members were installed behind the finished wall to carry the considerable weight of the TV & mounting bracket.

All done.

Now the TV is happy in it's new home, all the wires are out of the way and the whole thing looks allot cleaner, more up to date and brighter. (What appears to be a stand under the TV is actually a Nintendo WII, placed upright).

Travertine marble floor tiles were put in at the base of the fireplace and placed to match the height of the hardwood flooring. Note how the crown moldings at the top of the shelving 'towers' match the tops of the window trim.

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