Livingroom Extension

This project involved extending an existing livingroom/diningroom.

This view shows the wall which was partially removed. As well, the double front doors would be moved outward, creating a slightly larger main foyer.

Looking at the same wall from the other direction. The 'bump out' will be located roughly where the ladders are leaning against the wall.

This exterior view shows the arched openings where the new windows would be placed. This covered porch would be converted into interior living space.

The new exterior walls have been framed in and the windows installed.

Looking back inside, the old wall has been opened up and an engineered beam installed. Note that the beam is not a traditional piece of dimensional lumber, but rather a manufactured beam made from wood strands. Those strands of lumber are laminated and glued together under heat and pressure, resulting in a beam that is both stronger and is dimensionally more stable, as well.

Looking in the opposite direction, the new front door location becomes apparent.

Drywall has been finished and primed and trim installed.

All done. The paint has been done to match the original colour and hardwood flooring installed to blend in with the rest of the flooring.

In this view, one can see the small room that was created on the opposite side of the front door.

Matching ceramic tiles were laid at the foyer to blend in with the existing hall flooring.

The exterior was completed with reusing the bricks saved from the wall we removed This resulted in a seamless integration with the pre-existing brickwork.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!