Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen renovation included the demolition and removal of all the cabinets and tops. As well, a couple of partition walls were removed to open up what was previously a separate kitchen & living/dining room.

In this completed view, one can see the new sliding door & window installations, as well as new hardwood flooring. We also installed a 2' x 2' skylight along with pot lighting in the kitchen area. The ceiling was further 'stipple' sprayed, with the area immediately over the food preparation section left flat to provide some visual separation of the different spaces. NOTE: The homeowners elected to supply & install the cabinets themselves and they were not completed upon our departure.

At the entrance to the new sliding door, ceramic floor tiles were added. The tiles are heated from below with an in floor electrical heating pad, which is thermostatically controlled. This helps to take away the chill from the tiles, given that they are located at an exterior entrance.

Looking towards the front of the house, at the original front entrance. The stairwell was surrounded by a half wall, which was removed.

The half wall was replaced by a railing. A new closet was also constructed, located conveniently next to the front door.

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