Kitchen Remodeling

This 15 year old home had a decent kitchen and dining room, but was separated by a wall with only a small entranceway. A simple solution was to enlarge the opening.

Doubling the width of the opening allowed for more visual 'flow' between the rooms and thereby making both of them look - and feel - larger.

Both rooms were painted updated colours and the dining room received solid hardwood flooring. The old vinyl flooring was replaced in the kitchen with ceramic tile. As well, the opening was finished off with painted jambs and casing which helps to visually separate the two spaces.

One more element that was changed was to enlarge this opening coming into the kitchen, off the main hallway.

As you can see, by making this entrance larger, the kitchen and hall are more inviting - not to mention a more appealing set of colours ;-) All in all, this was not a huge project - the original cabinets stayed as is - but the overall effect was quite dramatic!

Finally, a tile back splash and accent lighting finished off this transformation.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!