Interior Remodeling

Here's a video overview from this Interior Remodeling project.

This family room was once a double car garage that had been converted a number of years prior.

At the time, the quick way to finish the walls was to simply apply wood paneling. After living with it for some time, the customers were happy to see it go.

Besides being really dated, the wood made the whole room look dark and feel smaller.

The box & shelves around the electrical panel were completely removed, opening up the room a little bit more & creating more flexible space to locate the furniture.

This area under the stairs would be made into a closed in closet & the railing would be replaced.


The old ceiling tiles came down and a more discreet box was built to hide the electrical panel.


Just putting the new drywall made it so much brighter.


This wall had an exposed gas line. Considering that is facing north, the best solution was to build out the wall by 3-1/2" to cover the pipe and add some extra insulation.


The finished product. Now the whole room looks more uniform and the painted trim & baseboards tied everything together.


With the electrical panel behind a smaller cabinet, this corner of the room appears friendlier.


The staircase received a custom, traditional looking railing.

You'll notice that the window jambs & casing were painted gloss white to add light.


Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!