Natural Gas Fireplaces

Here's a Gas Fireplaces video overview;

Natural gas fireplaces offer home owners the look and feel of a traditional wood burning fireplace without the work and cleaning. The units available today provide amazingly realistic flames and 'wood' logs. The only thing missing is the mess!

This fireplace was finished off with a natural oak mantel and ceramic tile surround.

Optional features such as faux doors and wireless remote controls are also available.

The brick liner is so close to the real thing, you would think is was an old fashioned brick and mortar fireplace.


The ceramic tiles on the floor give this unit a traditional hearth look.


This unit was installed in a master bedroom. Being 'direct-vent', they use no air from within the house. All of the combustion air is brought directly into the fireplace from the outside.


I finished the floor tiles off with a wood transition molding with this install to mirror some other floor tiles installed in another part of the room.


This customer fell in love with the optional brushed stainless steel surround for this unit. The contrasting black and pewter bands and the slightly higher than normal placement in the wall gave it a striking, modern look.

The niche above the fireplace and pot light provides additional focus for this corner installation.


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