Fireplace Installation

The homeowners wished to have a wood burning 'Zero Clearance' fireplace installed on this wall of their livingroom. The focus here was to build it in such a way so that the finished face of the fireplace would be flush with the existing wall. )

Here's the outside view of the same wall depicted above. This is where the new structure will go to house the fireplace.

After opening up the wall at the desired location, the rough opening was framed in, complete with a header to support the exterior wall where the old studs were removed. Note that the new framing members are kept a safe distance off of the fireplace box, as per the fireplace manufacturer's specs.

The bricks have been cut away and new walls were framed up to enclose the fireplace box. Further, a 'chase' was built to cover the insulated steel chimney.

With everything installed, new drywall was put up and compounded.

The drywall repairs were completed with a coat of primer. The homeowner elected to finish off the fireplace mantel and paint at a later date.

The exterior alterations were completed with vinyl siding.

Here's a picture of the completed fireplace mantel, sent to me by the homeowner - Looks good Gerry!

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!