Custom Waterfront Home

Wanting to extend their summer enjoyment, the owners of this lakefront cottage decided to build new on the shores of Lake Simcoe.

The old cottage had served a few generations for many years, but it's time (and roof, and foundation, and . . .) was soon to be spent in memories only.

Out with the old . . .

The cottage included a full, finished basement. This is the foundation walls.

The first floor framing under way. All the floor joists are manufactured, 'Truss Joist' style, being much stronger and more uniform than traditional dimensional lumber. Also allows for greater spans and greater loads on the floor.

First floor walls up and the 2nd floor material is being delivered.

This road side view shows the framing completed and shingles on.

This view is from the water side of the cottage. A large deck provided walkout access to the lake side.

An interior look at the framing. Note the green coloured lumber - they are engineered beams placed in the 2nd story floor.

A look at the finished front side of the cottage. We used pre-finished, natural wood siding.

The finished water side. Note the 2nd story walkout balcony, with screened in porch below.

Looking across the back of the building, we can see the full width deck with overhanging roof, as well as the half round window in the roof.

A look at the interior of the screened in porch. A great spot to sit out of the direct sunlight and overlook the lake - safe from bugs ;-)

The finished kitchen, dining and living area. Note the large walkout doors and windows. 10' high ceilings provide a greater sense of volume and space.

Looking back from the kitchen towards the wood burning fireplace.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!