Custom Bungalow

This project's customer had initially wanted to do a major renovation and addition to the old house. Fortunately, I was able to show him how building new would not only allow for a more flexible design, but would cost less, too!

Here's to old place, shortly before D-Day. That's Demolition Day :-)

Here's the stone slinger, firing 3/4" stone into the basement area. The stone is applied up to the top level of the footings. Then, once the basement floor is poured, the stone will allow any water that might get under the floor to find it's way over to the sump pump and subsequently pumped away from the house.

Here you can see the forms for the footings. Notice how how not only the water and sewer lines have been brought in under the footings, but the discharge line for the sump pump, as well. By directing the sump line out this way, it's not going to be sticking out of the basement wall - potentially leading to a leak there. Also, the line is carried far away from the house (in this case, right to the road ditch), so that the water isn't going to find it's way back into the basement.

You can also see how steel reinforcing bars have been put in place where the pipes are under the footings.

The block foundation walls going in. My preference is to use block over poured concrete, as the walls end up straighter and more flat. That makes for an easier and neater job when finishing off the basement

Besetment done and back filled, and the main floor is all framed up, ready for the roof trusses. This property was a little low, so we had to bring in quite a bit of fill to raise the final grade. That way, all the runoff from the roof could be directed away from the house and towards the road ditch.

All the rough framing is now complete.

As part of the design, the homeowners wanted to incorporate a deep, covered porch. As the front of the house faced south, the idea was to let as much natural light in through the windows while limiting allot of the direct sunlight from shining through. That way, when the sun was at it's highest in the summer, it wouldn't get too hot.

The finished house.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!