Custom Home

This custom home was the very first project completed when Jennan Construction was formed in 1989. It comprises 2600 square feet on the two main levels, plus it has a full basement - all situated on an indirect waterfront property. It features 4 bedrooms, a large master ensuite including a 6' whirlpool bath and separate shower, a masonry wood burning fireplace and central air/vac systems. As this property was not serviced by municipal water & sewer, a drilled well and septic system had to be installed. Built overlooking Lake Simcoe, it is still occupied by the original purchasers and now serves as a Bed And Breakfast.

Since this project was completed, I have designed and built a number of custom homes ranging from 1100 to 6000 square feet.

I'm starting with this picture for two reasons; first, it shows the the great view of Lake Simcoe that the occupants now enjoy. Second, there's a bit of a history lesson to be learned. Despite the less than perfect photo quality (taken way back in the last century, before digital cameras), there is a an interesting detail that's visible.

The feature that the arrow is pointing at is the remnants of an ancient, wood cased well that was used to service some old rental cabins that were on on this property. Apparently, back in the early 1900's, this area of Keswick was quite the jumping hot spot, with a waterfront resort, complete with a wide variety of 'entertainment' available to the patrons of the day. That's what the cabins were for ;-) And you thought Keswick's history was boring . . .

Ok, history lesson over and back to work.

The full basement foundation is in. I want to point out that whenever I build an attached garage onto a house, I always take the foundation walls right down to the level of the basement walls. Most builders/contractors only use 'stepped footings', where the garage foundation walls step up to the minimum requirement of the building code. Sure, they can save a couple of bucks doing it that way, but I can show you DOZONS of houses in the subdivisions around town that are built that way and point out how the garages have separated from the main house.

That's right - that's why they have cracks in the bricks at the corners & where the garage is (was) joined to the main house. But that's ok, it's an acceptable practice under the building code. I can also tell you about people I know who have been left out in the cold by the New Home Warranty program('O.N.H.W.P.' / 'HUDAC', / 'Tarion') after their basement walls have cracked, water has got in and they have been simply told that there's nothing that can be done to help them. Believe it or not, under the 'Construction Performance Guidelines' cracks in basement walls up to and including 6mm ARE ACCEPTABLE!. And basement floors are allowed to settle up to 12 mm. Shameful? Yes - but someone did save a couple of bucks . . . .

The framing of the first floor is well under way.

Here's a look from the back side of the house. Once again we can see the beautiful blue waters of Lake Simcoe. And this time it's a sunny day!

Framing is nearing completion.

This is the view of the water from the 2nd story master bedroom. Very nice.

"Bricks! Mortar!"

All done.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!