Bathroom Renovation

Here's a video overview from this project;

When renovating this bathroom, the only things that weren't changed were the toilet and the floor tiles.

The old acrylic tub - complete with plastic surround - was removed. The tub was recycled, however, as it wasn't in too bad of shape and the customer had it picked up for reuse by a charity organization.

The old door wasn't as fortunate and would find a new home at the landfill site :-)

With the new tub and faucet installed, the concrete board was put up and readied for ceramic tile.

Drywall up and the taping and compounding has begun.

Finished job.

'Shaker Style' wood cabinets were used for the vanity and wall cabinets.

A simple wall tile was accentuated with some decorative accent tiles and a band of border tiles.

The new faucet has a pressure balancing feature, which prevents the chances of getting scalded by hot water when someone else uses allot of cold water while the shower is being used. Flushing the toilet or having the washing machine hit the cold rinse cycle are the big causes of this.

A few basic, painted shelves turns what was previously a bit of a disaster area into a place for towels, etc..

The entrance door was replaced with a solid pine door. The customers were so happy with this look, that I was later contracted to replace the rest of the doors in the house with these pine ones.

Not taking any chances with the possibility of running out of spots to put the body washes, no less than five soap dishes were installed.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!