Bathroom Renovation

Here's a video overview from this project;

This bathroom, circa 1973, was do for a complete makeover. Rather than just fixing what was there, the homeowners decided they wanted to make it look totally new, so a complete demo was in order.

Looking back at the vanity, it was decided to make the cabinet a bit smaller to allow for some more space between it and the toilet. With the kids moved out, there was no longer the need for a big, family sized vanity & top.

With the old closets and walls torn out, the room opened right up. Next, it was time for a larger window to let in more light!

With everything roughed back in, the new, larger window fit nicely above the big soaker tub.

The completed bathroom.

The 8" x 10" ceramic wall tiles was in sharp contrast to the old mini style ones that they replaced. Dark, natural wood cabinetry added brought warmth and contrast to the clean look of the tiles and tub.

Note how the wall tiles extended from the tub area and over the vanity. To tie everything together, a fancy highlight trim tile was used to run along the top of the vanity tiles and through the middle of the tub tiles. This brings continuity to the layout.

This bathroom went from dull to dramatic!

A bathtub for two.

Modern, high end fixtures look great in this bathroom!

The marble vanity top completed the look. Plus, the old swing in door was replaced with a pocket door, creating even more usable space.

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