Bathroom Remodeling

Here's a video overview from this project.

Dealing with a smaller washroom, there was initially a shower stall, toilet and vanity used in the layout. The customers wished to make better use of the space and substituting a bathtub in place of the shower stall.

The first step was removing the plumbing fixtures and plaster (older house - before the days of drywall) to expose the water lines that would be relocated away from the outside wall. At the same time, the insulation and vapour barrier were cleaned up.

As the saying goes 'you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet . . ", I like to say you gotta cut a few holes to make a bathroom :-)

Tada! A lovely new tub & faucet. Note the use of concrete board in the most water prone areas.

The finished job. Moving the toilet to an opposing wall opened up just enough room for the tub. As the tub was slightly shorter than the room (and given the placement of the existing window), the customer decided a little shelf would be both an appropriate solution and a welcome detail.

Another view of the finished room.

One final look. . .

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