Basement Finishing

Here's a video overview from this project;

When this house was originally constructed, the builder had framed the exterior 2" x 4" walls and installed insulation and vapour barrier.

The partition walls were added to close off the space that the homeowners wanted finished. Unlike most basement projects, these folks only wanted a portion of the basement finished off.

Looking in the opposite direction, we can see the closet that was created to enclose the sump pump and drain. An extra wide door was placed in this location so the homeowner could easily access it to check and service the pump.

You can also see that the vapour barrier has been put back up with all the seams being sealed off with special 'Tuck Tape'.

Drywall up and the taping and compounding has begun.

Notice how neat and clean the job site is kept? This isn't unique to this project - it's a practice I employ with all my work. I am always happy to get compliments from my customers on how neat and clean I keep things :-)

That same neat and clean approach is reflected in the finished job, too.

The electrical panels are invariably located right in one the main focus areas of the basement. With that in mind, I always make sure the enclosures are finished off so that they aren't an eyesore.

All done.

Paint, trim, doors and carpeting all in place - and looking good!

Here's a look at the electrical panel enclosure. The customers elected to leave the pine doors with a natural, unfinished look.

The view towards the front of the house.

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