Garage + Bedroom Addition

This home saw the addition of a garage with a second story bedroom/ensuite above.

Here is the rear of the house, prior to commencing the addition. Note the sliding door - it will be relocated within the new addition.

After the old brick was cut back, we excavated and put in the new foundation.

The excavation was back filled with 'clean' fill on the inside. When the house was originally built, cheap fill was used that included everything from an old chimney to ancient tires and pop bottles. To help guard against the garage floor sinking, a new compacted gavel base was put down.

First floor walls going up.

Here we see the 2nd floor walls have been completed and the roof trusses have been installed.

This an interior view of what will be an ensuite bathroom (left), walk in closet (middle), with the stairwell located to the right.

Inside the garage area we see the stairs, along with a new entrance to the house (this is where the old sliding door was located). As you can also see, the plumbing has been roughed in for the ensuite bathroom.

The new structure is now ready for the brickwork and siding to be done.

This is the master bedroom, showing the gas fireplace and sliding door. We installed the drywall and did the taping. The customers have elected to do the finishing work, such as paint, trim and flooring themselves.

Looking from inside the garage, out through the garage door.

Inside the garage, looking back towards the house. Note the drywall installed as a fire and gas proofing barrier.

The finished exterior, with brick and siding installed. Note the 2" x 8" ledger board we installed, below the sliding door. This is where the customer will eventually build a balcony.

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