Addition + Major Renovations

The homeowners wanted to add some extra living space and upgrade the exterior of this house. To accommodate the extra space, we converted the existing garage to a sunken family room and built a new garage & mud room / front entrance.

This bungalow was roughly 35 years old and the homeowners decided it was in need of both an addition as well as an exterior 'facelift'.

The rear of the house shows that it had been built with a brick facade, which was cracking and coming apart at the corners. The old garage entrance door would be replaced by a larger sliding door. and the window at the extreme left of this picture would be replaced with a new entrance door to the laundry room.

The project started with the excavation for the new addition. As well, we broke up the old garage floor and excavated that space to accommodate a crawlspace below the new floor area.

The new foundation has been put in place and back filled.

Here, you can see the completed framing and new garage doors. Apart from building out from the front of the house, we also extended the side wall (to the left in this picture) outward by about two feet, to make the new family room a little larger. We also framed out an extension to put in a wood burning fireplace.

The new sliding door to the the rear entrance.

Looking out from the new sliding door. This is what was the old garage.

With the addition closed in, we removed all of the old brick from the house. Then, we installed 2" of styrofoam insulation to the entire exterior. This added an extra R-10 to the outside walls and eliminated the drafty areas that the homeowner complained about.

You can see that the same processes on the front of the house. We also removed the previously existing front door and window, relocated the entrance to the new addition and put in a large bay window, which was protected by a new covered porch.

With the new styrofoam insulation installed, we replaced all of the exterior doors and windows.

The final step on the outside was all new vinyl siding, as well as new soffits, fascia and evestrough.

The finished interior of the new family room. Note the zero clearance fireplace.

Looking back from the interior of the family room, we can see where part of the old garage wall was removed to make a large opening to the existing living space.

The finished rear side view. We also built a small porch for the new laundry room entrance.

A final view of the 'new' front of the house. Quite the transformation!

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