2nd Story Addition

These customers had just purchased this home with plans to add a second story on to it. Located on a direct lakefront property, the views facing west would be spectacular!

Ironically, I had done work for both these customers at their previous home - plus, I had done extensive work on this house for it's previous owner, years earlier.

Here we have the original house, built as a ranch style bungalow in the early 1960's.

This view shows the side & rear of the original house. Most of the roof - except for the portion over the garage - was removed for the new floor.

Prior to framing the new floor, an engineered header had to be installed over the large, existing living room window (at the rear of the house), to support the load.

As this photo illustrates, the header was quite a substantial beam. Unlike 'dimensional' lumber (2" x 10"s, etc.), this is an engineered piece of laminated wood, designed & manufactured to carry heavy loads.

After cutting away the old roof, the new, engineered flooring system was put in place. Given the fact that the new floor had to 'clear span' existing house, 16" deep 'I-Beam' floor joists were employed.

One portion of the new floor was cantilevered out 4 feet beyond the main floor walls. This called for further reinforcing to the already heavy floor joists. As is pictured here, we applied 3/4" plywood to both sides of the joists to add extra strength.

With all the floor joists & beams in place, the 3/4" plywood sheathing was glued & nailed down.

All done. The paint has been done to match the original colour and hardwood flooring installed to blend in with the rest of the flooring.

Next came the exterior walls and roof trusses.

Here is a front view of the house, with the second story framing completed.

This is a view of the rear of the house, showing the new second story.

In this close up, one can see the 4' cantilevered section, along with the balcony, towards the right hand side.

With the vinyl siding installed, we can see the finished front side of the house. The customer will be applying stucco to the main floor walls, at a later date. The exposed house wrap material will remain until then, to protect the that portion.

The balcony has been constructed, off the back of the house and the chimney has been extended to accommodate the fireplace.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!